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Noodles ? Slurp!

October 15, 2011

“I want an India-free Autumn break !” (What ?!!)

“You always make rice and sambar, chapathi and stuff…” (Not true)

It’s the traumatic experiences that last longer in our memory. True ? Well… it seems to be for the 9 year old. Whether it is the wish to keep away from the obligatory visits to the local culturals or to have something different on the plate, I don’t blame him. “Children are like that”.

It’s rare that I get to spend any time with the son these days. Busy as he roams the parks with his troop and a football in tow, he has only just about time for a quick bite. Quality time can wait.

So, when N1 decided to skip the school daycare and stay home on his holiday, I decided to stay put too. Noble intentions. Ironically, little did I think about lunch that morning. This noodle cutlet was at the back of my mind, I guess, so apart from boiling a couple of potatoes when I sat to work, I did nothing in terms of cooking until almost the son shouted across from the TV “amma…. what’s for lunch ?”

  • What I liked the best about this cutlet is the idea of adding Pasta sauce, gives a distinct flavour
  • Used ‘Foodle’ noodles I had at hand
  • I don’t stock mayonnaise, so left it out
  • It’s an easy to make snack, boil only potato and the noodles
  • It’s a quick one
  • It’s a filling snack, served best either with ketchup or (next time!) with a spicy chutney

Note to self : Also roll in bread crumbs next time. Just a thought.

I served it for lunch, along with tiny, very German Semmel knödel (store-bought, recipe here) and a salad of red-radish and tomatoes.

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  1. October 17, 2011 13:13

    so glad u liked them… thanks for trying it out. U know I did try coating one of them with bread crumbs but somehow I liked the one without the coating better 🙂

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