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October 30, 2011

Indian festivals invariably evoke a kind of nostalgia and longing. That is, after they are done with evoking that sense of joy, excitement and energy. Not far behind is that tremendous urge to do something special for the occasion, on the pretext of introducing to the kids the festive spirit, the flavours and smells that we grew up with.

Here is one of our Diwali feelings this year.

When saffrontrail tweeted seven cups, I was inspired all over again to make it. Having a sweet tooth and being an enthusiast sweet maker is not always a boon. I get carried away when I set out to make sweets and I don’t mind even if it takes hours out of my time. But seven cups, is an absolute winner when it comes to stirring up a treat in a jiffy (well, I do have another one that takes that title from any other sweet, but about that we shall come to in a later post).

I didn’t follow this recipe as in, roasting the besan in advance. My method was to blend all the ingredients and then set it on the stove. The roasting seems interesting, I promise myself to do that next time.

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