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Not for the faint hearted

November 15, 2010


I have been following a few food blogs for a while now. Some for the recipes, some for the pictures, some for fun and some for plain inspiration to get up and cook something. What’s for lunch, honey ? had an exciting picture of plums recently and I suddenly remembered a little box I had forgotten in the car for days. I have been curious about crumbles ever since a friend introduced us to an interesting apple crumble. Since I am blessed with an (un)willing victim or two once in a while, I decided to go for it. Followed the recipe to the T and this came out of the oven!  This crumble is best served with vanilla ice cream. My intention is not always to torture my guests, but I do want to allow them to ‘experience their senses’ like the author of this particular one taglines. <wink></wink>


If you are about to say “Wow” “Looks yum!” or plain drool etc… let me come to the verdict part of it.

Victim No.1 – “It’s very nice. <pause> Can I have only the vanilla icecream ?”</pause>

Victim No.2 – “Incidentally the vanilla ice cream is GOOD!”

Personally, I liked it. On the v. rich side, but liked it. I will make it again, with a few changes. Less honey, much much less honey. May be a pinch or two of brown sugar to get the plum to behave better. Oats in the place of spelt flour. Much much much less butter. And whatever comes to my mind at that time. Oh yes, may be no plums !

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