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God and choco crispies live within us

March 22, 2010
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I don’t know when that night N1 tiptoed in and snuggled up. Anyway, Sunday morning I opened my eyes and he was there. The attention hogging member of the family, N2, was up 2 hours before that and was shining and kicking in a different corner of the house.

I decided to make use of the opportunity of ‘our’ time with the older one. He watched curiously as I opened my palms and muttered ‘karaaghre vasathe Lakshmi, kara madhye Saraswathi, kara moole sthithe Gowri, prabhaathe kara dharshanam’. And I went on to tell him how we believed that different forms of God lived in our own palms, how it shows we are God ourselves, how it denotes our power to do what we want if we believe in it, how… (after all his team lost pathetically in the Hand ball tournament on Saturday and he vowed not to play a tournament ever again, why would I let go of a chance to pound on him the ‘I can’ theory. Mothers can be such opportunists, I tell ya!).

He seemed alert and listened intently. And then, in one sudden move, he got up and phoooot! he was gone, his voice trailing off… “weisst du was ? Ich muss jetzt gehen, es gibt Choco Crispies zum Frühstuck!!!” **

Thank God my mother didn’t know of choco crispies and my father found time to recite to us. And thank God there will be another morning when breakfast is something else!

** Translation : “You know what ? I must go now, it’s choco crispies for breakfast today!”.

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