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January 14, 2010

The assignment was to get a list of winter birds, that stayed in Germany through winter. And, it had to be submitted, well, tomorrow.

“What ? just a list ?”

“na…w, pictures”
(Ok…. the printer cartridge is gone, we keep forgetting to get a new one …)

“hmm…. just pictures or do you have to write anything ?”

“YEAH !!!  Let’s write something along with the pictures! Now, can I go play ?”

It’s evening already and who is getting the pictures ? No prizes for guessing.

The next day evening –

“Amma! Frau Müller hung all my 3 pages of pictures and description I wrote, in the class along with some others who had pictures too! ”

The ever-curious-very-Indian mother – “what about Tilman, Johann, Sarah….?”

“Oh, they had read up and remembered the details, some had just pictures pasted”

“What about Steven ? What did he get ?”

Steven, the underdog, best friend of ours.

“He borrowed a book from the class library right after we got the assignment and read up and remembered some things”

Mother was like “WHAT ?! It struck him to immediately get a book on the topic ?? Why didn’t you think of it ?? what the…. ”

“Oh, come on amma! The best mom in the world, I KNEW you will pull out all that I want from the internet”

WHAT’S HAPPENING ? What am I doing to my kids  😦

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