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Is this home ?

June 22, 2009
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I was reading Suketu Mehtha and he said “Home is where your credit is good at the corner shop”. I don’t know if it’s his creation or …

Anyway, that’s beside the point.

We live in a place so small. 8000 people in all, they say. 2 years and now I know more faces than I have had in any other place I have lived so far. The corner shop for toys lady inquires after the little daughter if I go with the son or vice versa. We run in to our pediatrician on the way and tell her the events at school. We meet our gynec at the sports center and discuss children. Someone behind me in the queue at the supermarket exclaims “oh, you are N1’s mom. He read so well the other day at the story reading session!”. I call my son’s old kindergarten which he left a year ago and they still remember my name. Someone at the sandpit concernedly asks “You were looking for daycare, did you get one ?”. We spend an afternoon at the park and come back rich with all the gossips and local politics.

The son sees the same bunch of mates in the school, in the park, on the streets, in the shops. They have little trouble beginning to play wherever they happen to be. The little daughter follows suit. She is beckoned by the same ladies walking their dogs, the same old ladies trying to teach her to wave Hello and the same little girls trying to smother her with niceties in an attempt to get her to play with them. I have no time for boredom when we go down to the local festival, there are so many to meet and greet and exchange “you know what!”s.

Is this home ?

Let me try getting credit at the grocer next time.

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