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That gaze

June 17, 2009

She stretched her arms and arched her back. She thrust her chest and pouted her lips. There was a twinkle in her eyes as she examined herself. Her pretty two feet, neat hands, the curves of her body. Her soft smooth stomach made her proud. Fondly, she caressed it. She tilted her head, just a bit, yes, that looks better. She struck a pose. Her fingers gathered her unruly curls. The truant strands of brown-black hair flew with the wind. Her brown eyes shone like little precious stones… and her gaze wandered.

It was at that moment that she caught my reflection in the mirror and threw a smile and clapped her hands and cooed.

She palmed her stomach once more and claimed ‘hotte!’.

She had a proud smile when she pointed at her little feet and declared ‘thaalu!’.

She caught her hair and called it ‘thale!’.

That’s my daughter of one and a half years, that’s Nidhi on this day.

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