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Little thinks…

June 8, 2009
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N1, then 4, was busy drawing. I peeped as I passed by. Then came the question ‘How is it, amma !?’

Well, no prizes for guessing the answer, you only have to look at those big wide eyes. So, dutifully I said ‘Wow! very nice, but … may be some colour would make it still better.’ I went about minding my other business. When I came back, I was presented with a drawing, mostly filled with black. Bewildered, I blurted out ‘I thought you were going to colour it ….’.

Very thoughtfully, the little one said, ‘Amma, black is indeed a colour!’

I pick him up from the kindergarten. An otherwise exuberant kid, inquisitive, curious, questioning every step. Now, crying and complaining.

“Why did you come so early ??! I haven’t finished playing!”, my “They are closing the kindergarten for the day now, you cannot stay any longer” falling on deaf ears.

“Can we go eat ice cream with Jan ?” and to my “No, not today!” a loud cry – “But we already planned it!!” (‘a 3 year old and a 4 year one planning rendezvous, haha’ I laugh and try to dismiss it that evening)

“Why didn’t you bring my cycle ?? I want to show Jan how to ride”

“I am hungry, I want to eat”

“I want to drink! No! not water, I want juice, now!”

Amidst the crying and whining, I try to keep my head clear thinking about when we would get home, what to make for dinner, why children were so talkative, can’t they quietly think, how will I now concentrate on the road, do I have enough milk for tomorrow morning’s tea, what is the first thing I got to get done next day at office…

I am suddenly ripped back to the moment with a loud “AMMA!!! what is thaaaaaaaat ???” I cast a quick glance to the side while I try to maneuver between the parked trucks and a whizzing maniac. I catch a glimpse of it just before it turns into another road and we lose it. We pass by a garbage collection and dumping area. A place lined with most exotic looking trucks and similar vehicles. However, this ‘thaaaaaaaat’ looks neither like the trucks I know that collect garbage nor like a tow truck which is common in that area nor like a crane or like anything that I have seen before. It has chains, it has long stumps, it has… strange contraptions. What could that be ? I had no idea. How do I explain to this little guy and still not lie ? Would he take a ‘truck’ for an answer, doesn’t he know better ? think think think…. There, I have a chance to educate him on one more thing and I don’t know the answer. Sigh.

After what felt like ages, I admit “I don’t know”, cringe cringe…



Guilty feeling for a non-answer.

Both lost in thought.

And then a sudden cry “Amma! I know what that is!!” Startle startle.

“It’s an YELLOW truck !” Smug pride.

Note to self : Kids inside a car don’t have the same view as grown ups do. Don’t try too hard, kids are forgiving. 😉

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